From Ahmad:

Mr. Luisi has worked on a complicated case for me. I always felt I received personal attention from him. I lived in Arizona and so we frequently talked over the phone and discussed the details of my case. He spent more time working on my case than any other attorney I worked with previously. After our communications I would feel that he has a perfect understanding about the details of my specific situation, and he would provide me with a good understanding about the different legal aspects of my case. I recommend Mr. Luisi to anybody without any reservation.

From Mansour, employment contract client:

Dan helped me understand and negotiate my employment contract. He explained to me the contract terms well with real world examples and made it easy to see the consequences of each article in the contract. He amended the contract terms in a way that guarantees my rights and prevents the company as much as possible from taking advantage of me in the future. He also talked with the company representative and discussed with him some issues and concerns. Additionally, he did a good job by making sure that the contract is consistent and can not be restricted or limited by other means. I was thinking hard about accepting the job because I have many concerns and didn’t know what impression would that give of me. However, he acknowledged the importance of thinking hard to come up with a well-thought-out decision. After I signed the contract and started working, Dan followed up with me and cared about me when I was depressed and in a low mood; something I really appreciate a lot from him. He is very professional and compassionate lawyer.

I would definitely contact him for any future legal service and recommend him to a friend seeking a legal service. In short, I just got a great lawyer and friend. I am glad that I got to know him.

From Oleg Yershov, a former UNHCR asylum adjudication officer:

Mr. Luisi is a talented professional attorney, who possesses a deep knowledge in any immigration case he has worked with. His enthusiasm and willingness to help people as well as his respect, sympathy and dedication to help his clients are really impressive. Mr. Luisi will do everything possible within the U.S. Immigration Law to defend you, whether you are applying for political asylum, have been battered by your abusive spouse/parent, are applying for an employment visa, or any other type of immigration case. Mr. Luisi’s pleasant personality, detailed understanding of your situation, and eagerness to help you will bring you the best outcome for your immigrant petition. Last but not least, Mr. Luisi’s diversified background, for example, knowledge of the Arabic language, Russian culture, etc. will make you feel very comfortable when you entrust your immigration problems to him. I recommend Mr. Luisi as a brilliant and knowledgeable attorney without any reservation.