What Differentiates Me


Building trust with clients is the foundation of my practice. From the first day I meet a client, I give candid advice about all the possible options in a case, the relative risks and benefits, and my opinion about the best plan of action.

When I take your case, I dedicate the energy, time and work to get the best result possible under the law. I always keep you updated about what is going on with your case.

My clients have said that they appreciate my respectful and professional approach, and how I am always available to explain what is going on in their case in a clear and helpful manner.

Strong Beginnings

I grew up in New Jersey working with my father who owned  a plumbing and construction business.  Though my mother worked full-time, she helped with the  accounting and administrative aspects. My parents pushed me to get a higher education rather than  work in the family business and are proud that I not only earned a masters degree, but attended law school.

Through my parents I learned the value of hard work and entrepreneurship. These values are the foundation of my law practice and what make it successful. Without my family I would not be where I am now.

My Practice

Today, I have reached my goal: to operate a law practice in New York City. I regularly handle immigration, business management, divorce, and real estate cases and  have taken family and employment law cases in the past.

In addition to my work at my firm, I serve as an adjunct instructor at New York Law School, and as Secretary of the New York City Bar Association, Immigration and Nationality Law Committee.

I have co-authored briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals challenging the constitutionality of state-level immigration legislation.  I am  licensed in both  New York and New Jersey.

Daniel M. Luisi, Esq.